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I have wide ranging experience as a designer and scenic artist in stage, television and film productions nationwide. Whilst I am working in my profession, I am also wishing to promote.....

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The concept I have created and developed utilises specially prepared high grade aluminium sheet as a foundation medium, coated in various ways by enamels and lacquers. The fusion of these materials provides highly dramatic and colourful stained glass effects. Science fiction, classical and modern art are equally suitable subjects for application using these media. One exciting development within this concept is "metallic marbling" which can create unique decorative art effects. These can be applied to building interiors as well as exteriors and curtain walling schemes.

Lighting Demo
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My experience as a designer and scenic artist in stage, television and film is extensive. This website incorporates a few examples of my work and developments to date. The effects are endless and this demonstrates a few samples of what is possible. If you are interested in seeing further examples, purchasing any of my work or commissioning me for larger projects, please contact me by e-mail or phone.

I am always available to discuss possibilities.
Do enjoy viewing my site; and, please send me your comments!